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Flash Drives for Musicians: 3 Steps to More Gigs & More Sales

Flash drives for musicians. Musicians are grabbing attention, landing deals and growing music sales with the latest new customized USB flash drives.


Marc Antony’s CMN Guitar Shaped USB Drive

The cost of custom printed and custom shaped flash drives for musicians has fallen, making them affordable to all budgets.  The custom shaped guitar flash drive was designed for Marc Antony’s marketing organization, CMN.

The process of designing Marc Antony’s custom shaped USB included a quick creative design process followed by engineering design specs and prototyping, and the review of the final product before running the full production run.  Total time was just a few weeks and the cost of full design and engineering was under $200.  Most 128MB – 2GB flash drives will only set you back about $3.00 – $6.00 each, with promo deals for under $2.00 per flash drive.

We’ve also worked with New York area musicians, Smith Garcia, TreyDeuce and others.  Each of these artists have used our slim credit card sized flash drives at music events to grab attention.  More importantly, they have been able to sell more music.   “I sell them as fast as I can get them,” offered Garcia during a recent call to him.  All of the artists have loaded their albums on these customized flash drives for musicians, including their photo or album cover artwork on one side of the USB drive and all of their contact details on the reverse side:  Name, Title, Instagram and Twitter, SoundCloud accounts as well as email address and telephone phone number.

Many other indie and more prominent musicians can get started immediately to grow their brand image, land more gig and increase their sales by taking a few simple steps:

First, determine your title that will go at the top of you card USB drive.  For example, TreyDeuce uses the tagline:  “Hip Hop Artist / Songwriter / Producer.” Gather up all of your social media accounts and write all of this information onto a small index card with your email address, website and phone to determine how best to lay out the basic information.  You can see an example of how TreyDeuce did this below.

Second, find or create a high quality photo image or artwork in PNG, AI, EPS format.

Third, and finally, reach out to CustomBulkUSB.com and send this info using the online form or simply email or call and upload your information for a FREE quote and assistance with your design layout:  infoACustomBulkUSB.com, 888-484-7771.

TreyDeuce-custom-card-flash-drives-for-musiciansFlash Drives for Musicians include this Custom Card USB Flash Drive by TreyDeuce

On the front side of the card is TreyDeuce’s high quality photo and on the reverse side is all of his contact details as is shown in the image to the left.  The flash drive now serves multiple purposes:  it is a marketing tool, an music album, a promo gift item that gets exposure to others each time the item is used; all this helps musicians like TreyDeuce stand out from the crowd, get more deals and close more sales.

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