How to Use the New OTG Mobile USB Flash Drive

Use the OTG Mobile USB Flash Drive to Cut Cost of Expensive Data Plans and Promote Yourself and / or Your Organization

The future of promotional marketing and mobile computing is an OTG mobile USB flash drive which connects to your mobile device such as an Android tablet or iPad or to your Android or iPhone smartphone as demonstrated by this six year old girl. For more information or to get a free quote, email or call 813-444-9626.


So Easy a Six Year Old Can Do It

We live in a world in which people are constantly on the go (OTG) and need computing devices that can support this mobile lifestyle. There are countless ways in which an OTG mobile USB flash drive can make our lives easier and more productive:

  • There are times when you cannot get a broadband Internet or WI-FI connection but you need to access files, photos, videos or other images quickly.
  • Looking for a low cost — yet effective — way to market or promote yourself or your brand?  Consider the OTG custom USB (imprinted with your logo, name, e-mail, website address, phone, etc.) to help your brand stand out from the crowd at conferences and trade-shows and generate qualified sales leads.
  • Perhaps you are at an important event and you’ve maxed out the memory storage for the data plan associated with your iPhone or Android device and you have to free up memory storage space to take more pictures or video.
  • There are also times when we want to share files easily and quickly with others or move them to your desktop computer.
  • Finally, we may find ourselves on a long train ride or airplane flight and want to watch a movie or video or perhaps listen to a full music album or our favorite playlist.

The OTG usb flash drive connects to most Android devices, iPads, iPhones, PC desktop computers and Apple MAC computers.  Prices are falling and now very affordable as a give-away promo product for Android mobile devices.  Per unit prices range from about $3.79 to $7.99 (4gb to 8gb) and $8.49 to $23.97 for 16gb to 64gb flash drives.   A wide range of standard colors are available along with customization, volume discounts and express shipping from from  Just ring 813-444-9626 or email your request to