California Custom Flash Drives

With roots in Silicon Valley California, custom flash drives promotional products provider,, thinks like a hi-tech startup with its feet in the Florida beach sand

California custom usb flash drives and promotional products

Coit Tower San Francisco. CustomBulkUSB founders grew up.

The founders, leaders and associates of CustomBulkUSB is an eclectic team of professionals from all around the world (USA, Asia, Middle East, Caribbean), but the company has its roots in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

In 1992, the company set up a small, Bay Area family business designed to prepare small businesses in California for the emerging commercialization of the Internet.  It was focused on helping small and home-based businesses take advantage of Web technology to create a Web presence and increase their sales.  The small team provided 1-3 day workshops and a handbook (I’m the Boss) for small business owners and home-based entrepreneurs from Sacramento to San Francisco, California.

While the company did made some money, it became apparent that the team needed to develop a business model that would scale profitably;  it could not be constrained by long travel times and the inability of facilitators to be available in multiple communities at the same time to conduct the workshops.  Also, it was during these early years that the company came to realize how little  money small and home based business owners had to spend — so it was vital to keep prices very low.

The company also discovered how important low cost marketing and promotions was to helping these small businesses acquire customers in order stay in business.  It was at this time that the later CustomBulkUSB began focusing on a way to generate sales that did not require the old-school cold-calling and rejections process.

Today, CustomBulkUSB helps its customers generate sales in several ways:

  • Using low-cost promotional flash drives and OTG promo items (mobile device USB drives, phone chargers) that have proven to deliver a higher marketing ROI than traditional media
  • Generate qualified website leads and inbound sales calls using online and mobile marketing techniques, to include keyword data analysis
  • Converting a high percentage of prospective clients into quote requests and sales through mobile-friendly and Web smart design principles
  • Increasing sales through repeat and referral business, which requires quality product and customer support and consultation

In 2016, CustomBulkUSB will further draw upon its California tech roots to help its clients cope with the changing business environment accelerate their success in the coming months.