Promo Flash Drives: a Mobile, Mini Home Page Which Generates Sales Leads

Promo Flash Drives Can Serves as an Offline, Mobile, Mini Home Page Which Generates Sales Leads and Promotes Your Brand Image

Over the past 12 years a team of us at CustomBulkUSB has worked closely with Dr Flint McGlaughlin’s (founder of MECLABS).  He is  arguably one of the smartest guys on the planet when it comes to using ethical, science and psychology based principles that generate leads and grow your online sales.

We have found that not only does his Conversion Formula, used for converting website visits into sales purchases work on websiites and mobile apps but also can be applied to promotional flash drives.  Let’s see how inthree simple steps:  First, we must understand the components of the conversion formula and how it works;  second, we need to think of the imprint area of your flash drive as i it were a website home page or landing page; third, we apply the conversion formula principles to your USB drive,


Step 1:  Understand the Power of the  Conversion Formula, a MECLABS copyrighted piece of intellectual capital

C = 4m + 3v + 2(i-f) – 2a


  • C = Probability of conversion.  Likelihood that you can get a website visitor or mobile app user to sign up or make a sales purchase.
  • m = Motivation of user.  The single most important thing that motivated the visitor or user to consider your app or come to your website.  Note that m has a 4 multiplier making it the single most important variable in the formula.
  • v = Clarity of the value proposition.  Do they have a reason to stay on your website or keep your mobile app on their mobile device? What is it that you can do for the visitor or user that none of your competitors can do that is of value in the eyes of the potential customer?
  • i = Incentive to take action.    Are you providing a promotion or some reason NOW that provides incentive for someone to take action today?
  • f = Friction elements of process.   Keep it simple and easy.  The more effort it takes to sign up or make a buy the lower our conversion rate will be.  That’s why Amazon created its one click purchase option and Facebook launched ts Buy button.
  • a = Anxiety about entering information.  People are concerned about their privacy and how you will user their personal information.


Step 2:  Think of your Flash Drive as a Mini Home Page

Our physical and digital worlds are merging, becoming “phygital.”  The flash drive is the ultimate phygital product.  You can connect it to a mobile hone or computer and access digital data and marketing content but you can also touch it, feel it, run your fingers over the raised logo print.  Flash drves can be shaped as a bracelet or paper clip, placed on a necklace or lanyard to where.  USB drives serve a bottle openers and utility knives.

So use this phygital promotional tool as if it were a mini website.  Place your brand logo,  your website address and your contact info on the flash drive as if it was the home page of your website.  Examples abound:


Step 3.  Apply the Conversion Formula Principles to Your Promotional USB Drive Design

Now think about your logo, brand image, website address and contact info in a different way based on whet we learned about the Conversion Formula.  Motivation and Value Prop are first.  Is there anything you can do with your flash drive to capture all of this on a small flash drive?  Consider a domain name that can sum it up for you and then  all you need is to use that website name to says it all.

We own  – with a single URL we have captured the Motivation and Value Prop (and perhaps Incentive) all in on domain name.  Then we put our logo ad Tele # on the promotional flash drive as well.  Now we have addressed Incentive, friction and Anxiety by putting the flash drive in the hands of the prospective buyer as a free promo item.

CustomBulkUSB Flash Drive Like Web Page w/ Value Prop

CustomBulkUSB Flash Drive Like Web Page w/ Value Prop

CustomBulkUSB flash drive with value proposition built into website URL:


Value Prop built into URL