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Paperless Business Cards – Low Cost Biz Card Flash Drives

Paperless Business Cards – Low Cost Biz Card Flash Drives Capture Attention, Imagination

Paperless Business Cards in the form of slim card USB flash drives grab attention, don’t get thrown out. Grow brand image and increase sales. Paperless business cards are disrupting the tradition biz card market as ultra-thin USB drives go mainstream. Looking to get a job interview or impress recruiters or hiring managers?  Maybe you need to land a new gig as an actor, musician or other entertainer. Looking for a unique way to brand a new venture or product idea as an entrepreneur, business owner or marketing professional?  Maybe you are looking for a unique gift idea for the upcoming 2014 holiday shopping season.

Look no further. Selfie USBs or wafer thin business card flash drives are all the rage.   Whatever you choose to call them or how you intend to use them, they have proven to be very versatile for many different purposes based on how our customers are using them:

  • A California based cabinet maker and woodworker showcases his products with photos of his products and contact info on the card USB
  • Several actors in California and New York use our Selfie USB drives to promote themselves and land new gigs
  • Two New York music producers and musicians now place their album covers and contact details on card USB flash drives
  • A mid sized engineering and manufacturing company uses our slim card flash drives to send product catalog and marketing material to prospects and customers
  • An international public speaker uses our card USB flash drives to promote himself and for back of the room sales

These paperless business cards will ultimately be less costly than traditional paper business cards.

For further details call us at 813-444-9626. You can also inquire at Info@CustomBulkUSB.com or get a Free Quote.

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