How to Grow Your Online and Mobile Sales by Custom Bulk USB Flash Drives

Grow Your Online and Mobile Sales: How CustomBulkUSB Grew Online and Mobile Sales with Big Data, Content, Mobile & a Human Touch

Grow Your Online and Mobile Sales by following Custom Bulk USB Flash Drives Techniques. CustomBulkUSB is not your normal Custom USB Flash Drives Company. Instead the company mines data from its client database, Google Trends, Google Analytics and Bime Analytics to uncover trends and patterns to better understand its customer needs then creates relevant content on a mobile friendly site and never forgets to provide extra service with a human touch.

Here’s how:

  1. More than a year ago we migrated our website over to a WordPress responsive theme platform, which automatically adjusts our website to optimal screen sizes for desktop, tablet and mobile devices such as smartphones.
  2. Over the past three years we have analyzed literally millions of data searches for different ways potential customers search for flash drives.  We mined the data and found the top 6-10 phrases that get us the highest conversion rates.
  3. With this knowledge of how people searched for flash drives when they are ready to purchase (Step 2 above),  we refined out website layout and created content that was relevant and valuable to people searching for those key phrases.
  4. Next, we’ve continued to simplify our internal process and automate those processes that are manually intensive but are not vital customer touch-points.
  5. Finally, Step 4 allowed us to free up our people to focus on higher value added customer service activities.  We have seen the value of this to our clients as they have repurchased more frequently and provided us referral customers.

Custom USB Flash Drives Become Digital Products and Boost Sales

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