Game USB Flash Drives

Game USB Flash Drives for Mobile Phones - Portable Games on USB 3.0

Are your tired of storage issues? Or looking for a solution to play games on the go with your mobiles? Why not put your games on a USB 3.0 on the go flash drive and play it on your mobiles?

The gaming experience is becoming more and more realistic every day. With the aid of VR’s, you can play 3D games feeling like you are actually in the game. But the problem with most games is their capacity. I was recently installing Asphalt 8 Airborne game on my android and when I saw the space required, I was a bit shocked, it requires 1.53GB and later you know when it starts updating and downloads new cars, task, maps the storage capacity can go above 3GB. There are many more games which are even heavier than that. We can not install these games on mobile phones as we have a limited storage built-in our mobiles.

Why not install your games on a USB Stick 3.0 and Play on the go?

On the go flash drives are the fastest growing USB drives because of their use in our daily life. We are using them for extra space on our mobile phones for pictures and video recording. Not only this, nowadays gamers are attracted to these on the go flash drives. They install games on these flash drives and whenever needed they play on the go on their phone. I love playing asphalt 8 airborne but because of the storage, I could not have it on my android. Thanks to the OTG that now I can install the game on the USB stick and attach it to phone whenever i need to play.

Future of USB Flash Drives in Gaming Industry

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Gaming industry is growing very fast. Last year, 2017 the industry generated $108.4bn revenue. Mobile games was the biggest sector generating $59.2bn revenue followed by the PC games.

We appreciate our gamers and provide the 3.0 OTG USB sticks for the best experience at low prices. These 3.0 drives have a fast data transfer rate and do makes your gaming experience amazing even on mobiles. Get a free quote or call us for more details.