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Books on Custom USB Flash Drives Go Phygital and Mobile


Books & Gifts on Custom USB Drives Get Attention, Show You Care & Boost Sales

Books on custom USB flash drives are growing at a rapid pace based on recent sales at CustomBulkUSB

According to the American Association of Publishers, e-books or digital books account for 20 percent of all USA book sales.  In today’s New York Times article, The Plot Twist: E-Book Sales Slip, and Print Is Far From Dead, the writer notes that e-book sales growth has flattened out.  Based on our customer purchases, we see a growing trend away from traditional e-books and  towards phygital (physical and digital) books in which the data (digital) and the touch (physical) can both co-exist on a custom USB flash drive.

So far this year we have seen a growing number of writers, public speakers, book associations leaders and marketing professionals purchasing the larger credit card size USB flash drives with their book titles and artwork imprinted on them.   We’ve also loaded their book content data onto the custom USBs.  Customers are using these “USB books” in different ways:

  • used as digital products that are sold to increase sales and profits for individuals and organizations
  • created as a promotional marketing items or give-aways during major events, performances and shows
  • given away as a unique gift item to friends and family during the holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc.

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”  – Samuel Clemmons (Mark Twain)

The death of books has been greatly exaggerated.  Books are not dying, they are just morphing — changing form.  Physical books date back to the invention of the Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press in the 14th century.  And  e-books, the brainchild of Michael S. Hart,  have been around since the 1970s.  We are now entering a new age of book marketing, distribution and consumption characterized by digitized physical books.  One form of these phygital books is via a USB flash drive form factor.   For example, we had the good fortune to work with some amazing leaders of the Christian Authors Network to design custom logo flash drives complete with data load for more than a dozen of their writers.  We’ve seen writers and authors use both the traditional swivel thumb drive as well as the newer, slim, credit card sized USB drives to promote their books and/or sell them as digital flash drive products.

Books As Digital Products on USB Drives

Books As Digital Products on Custom USB Flash Drives

“USB Books” the Next Big Thing

What is new now that is USB books or books on custom USB flash drive can connect to any device and be viewed OTG (on the go) via smartphone, tablet, or desktop  —  anywhere, anytime.

While we see many books being put on traditional swivel thumb drives or pen drives, a growing share of customers are fast moving to larger business card or credit card shaped USB drives.


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