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Silicon Valley California USBs

Silicon Valley California USBs: Custom Flash Drives & Cloud Tech Spread Ideas to Other States and Countries

Silicon Valley California’s USBs and cloud technology help spread innovative ideas and digital disruption across the USA and around the world. California in general and Silicon Valley in particular continue to inspire other states and nations to adopt new ways of doing business in the era of AI and mobile computing.
We live in a world undergoing transition from physical to digital — or more correctly, “phygital.” Organizations from small mom and pop shops to multinational corporations are trying to play catch-up as Silicon Valley and Seattle-area companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Microsoft shake up the landscape. I

Incumbents have two choices: adapt quickly or risk becoming the next Blockbuster Video, Blackberry or Nokia.

Card USB used for promotional marketing

2D & 3D Custom Shaped Flash Drives - Lowest Price High Quality Flash Drives by CustomBulkUSB

The Report of Flash Drive Extinction Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

All of us here at are not immune from the digital disruption sweeping the country. Four years ago we were told that no one would buy flash drives any longer with the access to their files in the cloud via DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud Drive, etc.

In anticipation of the fall-off in the demand for our products, we conducted extensive research to understand how businesses and consumer habits would change and at what rate. We also looked at where new growth opportunities for flash memory would unfold:

  • flash drives for smartphones (iPhones, Androids) and mobile devices (tablets, phablets)
  • drones for industrial, commercial and consumer use (require USB drives or SD flash memory card for video, photos and other images)
  • wearable devices
  • unable to get online; privacy and security concerns
  • industries such as training, video production, software that have to move from DVDs and CDs to mobile device flash memory as more people embrace on-the-go (OTG) lifestyles

Today, Custom Bulk USB offers industrial and promotional Custom USB Flash Drives in Silicon Valley, throughout California and across the globe. These USB drives can be used for countless data storage and promotional needs. Fear of security and privacy is creating a backlash in America — many consumers are choosing to unplug from the cloud and only plug in private, secure and encrypted thumb drives. Others are on the go with mobile devices that they turn into mobile computing devices by expanding storage with a 64gb or 128gb flash drive.

Our Silicon Valley Roots

Founders of our company were born in Redwood City, California and grew up in the Silicon Valley near Stanford University. For this reason, we have a deep appreciation and understanding of the history and influence of Silicon Valley. Indeed, California ingenuity and diversity continue to drive the CustomBulkUSB culture — from promotional flash drives to AI machine learning algorithms that have helped us to reduce Google Adwords costs, increase conversion rates and grow organic traffic and sales. We continue to borrow from and learn from progressive and compassionate Silicon Valley area enterprises.

The online marketing and promotional products industry has been served by us for more than a decade and we are honored to be known as providing the lowest cost, high quality custom USB flash drives throughout Silicon Valley, California and the USA.

Our clients tell us that we have the lowest cost, high quality Grade A Tier 1 flash memory in the market. We promise to NEVER sell low grade USBs or “fake memory”.

We remain committed to providing small and medium sized businesses, hi-tech startups and enterprise clients with the finest quality customized flash drives to benefit their business and brand. Our California-based office is located in Sacramento and run by Naraya and Trudy. These ladies look forward to serving all of your USB branding and storage needs. Naraya’s background in customer service and Six Sigma quality serves as a strong advocate for the voice of the customer (VOC), and drives all of our key management decisions.

Your Company Will Benefit!

Your start-up or established company will surely benefit by making use of custom-branded (logo, text, artwork) USB drives in many ways.

First and foremost through promotional marketing. By spreading USB flash drives bearing a logo or message of your business or brand, prospects and clients become part of your unpaid marketing team. An image of quality and tech savviness will be promoted and through this your product, service and brand name will be on the tip of of the tongue of future customers. This, in turn, helps you to generate buzz and more sales.

Distribution can be done through giveaways to clients, spreading of flash drives at local events and even as a free gift after buying a promotional item!

Ways in which we have insured business marketing in unique ways has been by the following:

  • Creation of small, lightweight industrial flash drives and SD cards which can store data for products such as drones, smartphones, GoPro and other photo/video cameras offered by various start-up companies.
  • Flash drives have also been created to support wearable devices and quantitative self products such as mobile apps created for health and fitness tracking.
  • Another great device is our custom mobile flash drives that provide mobile apps with an offline option.

Our USB flash drives are speedy and superior in the marketplace. They provide lightning fast features (USB 3.0) and offer lots of extra space to present colour graphics. USB’s can be customized into unique 2D and 3D shapes. A variety is available to choose from such as autos, ice cream cones, animals, beverages, etc. Depending on your specific needs, USB flash drives are made from materials such as leather, plastic, PVC, rubber, wood and so much more!

Why Choose US?

Our company has provided marketing and sales services to not only start-ups but small and medium sized businesses and major corporations. Our clientele is based here in the USA but stretches as far as Europe, Asia, Middle East/Africa and Latin America. We work according to your budget, timeline and specific needs.

For any questions and orders, contact us at:

Email: or

Tel: 813-444-9626

We wish you all continued success!

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