Custom USB 3.0 Flash Drives Grows Brand Awareness and Sales

Custom USB 3.0 Flash Drives Grows Brand Awareness and Sales

Use custom USB 3.0 flash drives that are much faster than ordinary standard 2.0 flash drives to grow your brand awareness and eventually sales. Every one prefers a fast and latest technology, thus by gifting these Custom USB 3.0 Flash Drives to your employees, friends, relatives, clients or give away in trade shows to promote your brand. Flash drives are used by almost every person to meet their data transfer needs. Giving customers something free, especially USB flash drive will really work as tremendous publicity tool. The key is to create brand awareness strongly through continuous exposing of brand to audience you are planning to target.

Custom USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Why should you use USB 3.0?

New computer have been coming with USB 3.0 ports for years. But how much fast is USB 3.0? USB 2.0 standard provides a theoretical signaling rate of maximum 480 megabits per sec however USB 3.0 standard offers rate of maximum up to 5 gigabits per sec. Ultimately USB 3.0 standard is theoretically eight to ten times faster than USB 2.0 standard. So better to opt USB 3.0 for best progressive results when choosing USB for promotion. We have the best stock of custom USB 3.0 flash drives available.

Now you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to hike sales similar to big fish in corporate business environment to raise awareness about your brand. Fortunately, Custom flash drives having a logo of your organization or a message is the cheapest solution of marketing. If you have adopted Guerrilla marketing strategy or have low budget, we have number of low cost promotional option available which are effective marketing solution to maximize your brand exposure and rise sale eventually.

Why us?

Because we understand your needs and we have flash drives for all budgets, from small businesses to fortune 500. Quality Guarantee, 24 hour ship option. Get a Free quote. If you have a rush order, inquire at or call us direct at 813-444-9626.


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