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Wearables: How Google, MIT Media Lab, Levi’s and CustomBulkUSB Tap Tech Future

Wearables: How Google, MIT and CustomBulkUSB Tap into Future

Google-Levi’s Wearable Tech

Wearables allow Google, MIT Media, Levi’s and CustomBulkUSB to innovate by tapping into tech future

Wearables will become virtually invisible and largely ubiquitous in the coming months and years. Google and Levi’s partner to embed tech tech in clothes to create a smart jean jacket.  Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao and her team mates at the MIT Media Lab join forces with Microsoft Research to develop digital skin tatoos, call DuoSkin. CustomBulkUSB sells wristband and other wearable OTG flash drives to keep your data safe, portable and accessible no matter where you go.

According to Google Trends, worldwide searches for “wearable” have increased by nearly 500% over the past five years and there is no sign that this interest will wane in the coming years based on the trends we are seeing with our custom flash drive clients and as witnessed by Google, MIT, Microsoft and others.


wearable-tech-usb-flash-drive-wristband-bracelet-ButHerFly Artwork

ButHerFly Song Writing Wearable

Google Levi’s Smart Jean Jacket

The Levi Smart Jean Jacket has Google technology woven into the sleeve of the jacket. These wearables allow the person wearing the device to receive driving directions when on a bicycle or in a car, identify nearby establishments or listen to music or receive a phone call, virtually hands-free.

MIT Media Lab’s DuoSkin

Using gold leaf, a metallic material (used on paint frames or as gold decorations for toppings on chocolates), Media Lab’s DuoSkin provides three types of digital tattoo interfaces:

  • Input Device: Turns your skin into a trackpad to control your smartphone or computer
  • Output Device: Uses your skin as a display. For example color of the tatoo or LED (light) may change based on your mood.
  • Communication Device: May use as way to communicate with your smartphone or other device using near field communications (NFC), which allows you to access information.
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