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Lessons for Promoting and Marketing Your Business

The latest GOP Presidential Debate as seen through the eyes of Americans via Google Trends, shows how Fiorina trumps Donald Trump: lessons for promoting and marketing your business and yourself

Fiorina Trumps Donald Trump in GOP Debate

Fiorina Trumps Trump in GOP Debate

Lessons for Promoting and Marketing Your Business: From Trump to Flash Drives

Much has happened since the GOP primaries.  We will provide you and update below this article as a brief excerpt from the 2016 election.

2016 GOP Primary

Following Wednesday’s marathon three hour  GOP Presidential debate, Fiorina saw a “pop” on Google Trends, which measures keyword interest on the Internet.  Regardless of your political affiliation, this insightful Google data can help you as an entrepreneur, marketing professional, non profit, major corporation or small business owner to improve your marketing and promotional strategy in order to grow your sales and lower your acquisition costs.  Let’s see how.

Most of the buzz following the debate was about Carly Fiorina’s noteworthy performance, which we can see reflected in Google Trends.  However, Google Trends is not just a reflection of what top media pundits are talking about;  rather the Google Interest Index is the closest thing we have to an objective and democratic (with a small “d”) measure of the wisdom of the masses.  CustomBulkUSB.com uses analysis of Google Trends data to better understand  and even anticipate the needs of our customers.  Indeed Google Trends has proven its predictive capacity.

“…research literature has found that activity registered in Google Trends and Twitter chat can help predict various kinds of consumer and social data.” – Journalist’s Research

As a business professional or an artist seeking to sell more music or paintings, you will be well served by analyzing Google Trends for keywords relevant to your profession or craft.  Here are some ways CustomBulkUSB.com borrows lessons learned from that Trump – Fiorina GOP Presidential Debate showdown:

  • First, we are writing this article about a high trending topic on the Internet (GOP debate) and seeking to provide a unique twist on the story that our audience might find informative and of practical use  (ultimately, you the readers will be the final judge on how well we are doing this).
  • Second,  we look at our top-selling markets and industries as well as the most searched for types of flash drives in order to maintain a pulse on the challenges our customers face and how new flash drive technology might benefit them.
    • Examples abound:  we saw the trend toward selfies as a way to create “selfie” credit card USB flash drives which led to us gaining the business of top international public speakers, executives, actors, fashion models;  we saw trends related to growing use of mobile devices and spent time with our partners to develop a flash drive that connects to Android and iOs mobile devices and desktops/Macs
  • Third, we look for correlations with our keywords across industries.  For example we see a very strong correlation with key variations on the term “flash drive” and its association “marketing events,” “conferences.”  This helps us to improve our marketing and promotional activities focused on conventions, industry conference and such.


Following the initial posting of this article a CNN Poll of the current GOP rankings was released.  It showed that Donald Trump had dropped 8 points from 32% to 24%, while Carli Fiorina soared 12 points, from 3% to 15%.  This put her solidly in second place one point higher than Dr. Ben Carson, who sits at 14%.

What Happened following GOP Primary

Big shock hits USA as Donald Trump made a come-back and won the presidential election from Hillary.  Day before election, Google Trends showed both tied with Interest Index of 54 points each.  Likewise, we have tracked how our customers are increasing their interest in certain types of flash drive purchases:


Lessons in Marketing: Trump vs Clinton (Google Trends)


CustomBulkUSB Sees Growth Opportuity in OTG USB Flash Drive Market


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