Let in But Left Out

Let in But Left Out

Let in But Left Out: Leadership, Faith & Knowledge in the Age of AI, Coronavirus & Fake News reminds us that during a crisis — such as a pandemic, — tech trends accelerate and societal weaknesses are exposed. Drawing upon book excerpts from Let in but Left Out and a true-to-life CustomBulkUSB case study, authors Frank Shines and Granison Shines provide you with an inside look into this newly released book, which can be purchased on Amazon Kindle for 99 cents.

The new coronavirus book, Let in But Left Out, is divided into three sections:

  • A Call for Reflection
  • A Call for Balance
  • A Call for Action

In the first section (reflection), the authors include the chapters Situational Awareness; Cognitive Bias (Our Lying Mind); Trans-Atlantic, Trail of Tears & the Rockies (chronicling family journey from slavery, Indian reservations and ghetto streets to executive suites); and Loss of Faith.

In the second section (balance), Let in But Left Out suggests that it is OK to let in inequality IF you also let in opportunity for upward mobility and that it is OK to let in technology disruption, IF we also let in people transition programs.

Finally, in the last section (action), the authors implore us to “get off your butt” and act — peacefully, but not patiently.

As a former Air Force officer and later as an IBM and Ernst & Young business and technology consultant, Frank traveled and lived in many countries around the world. He spent time in China developing business partnerships with hi-tech manufacturers in Shenzhen (the Silicon Valley of China), near Hong Kong. This resulted in the founding of the family business, CustomBulkUSB, which provided companies with customized industrial SD cards and flash drives, pre-COVID-19. The company was also used to test out the Leadership, Faith and Knowledge principles outlined in the book, Let in But Left Out. The new knowledge required SME business owners to adapt their organizations to the new economic reality of a digital world as customers were moving online and purchasing by mobile phones.

Let in But Left Out

Let in But Left Out: Book Excerpt