Custom Flash Drives for Photographers

Custom Flash Drives for Photographers - Adapt to Change & Grow Sales

Providing Custom Flash Drives for Photographers is one of our primary areas of focus. But we also help photographers grow their sales by adapting to change.

CustomBulkUSB believes in the power of photos and videos to tell stories. With the growth of social media, selfies, online marketing and countless mobile phone pictures bombarding us, never has photography been more ubiquitous in our daily lives.

However, as we’ve driven along the side roads of America we have noticed less small business owned photography studios than we did 5-10 years ago. Like many other industries, photography has come under the pressure of digital transformation. Successful photographers must adapt to survive.

Here are a few tips for adapting to digital disruption and growing sales:

  • Own your name online with keywords: Example” “Jane Doe Photography for Weddings”
  • Own your local market: Tie your name to your local market. Ex: “Jane Doe Wedding Photographers near me / Tampa, St Petersburg / Clearwater / Brandon / Sarasota”
  • Leverage Business Social Media: Write short article or posts from LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter linking back to you website URL (backlinks from top tech social media sites increase your search ranking)
  • Video is King. Create a 2-3 minute YouTube video using your keywords with local city/state and see how you will rise to top of Google.
  • Data is the New Oil. All the big tech companies rely on data to rank you. Find an affordable Upwork SEO consultant who understands data and algorithms to help you identify the related key words you can use to get free web, mobile traffic and calls to your business. Example: Take a look at KeywordFinder

Our aim is to help the independent photographers and small business owners of photography studios make the transition to digital in an affordable manner.

We provide grade A Quality custom flash drives for photographers at lowest rates. These flash drives are used by photographers to brand and grow sales. Replace DVDs, CDs with Custom Branded USB Drives for More Sales with Less Effort.

Vanessa Medina is a California photographer who specializes in working with models. With more than six years of experience in the field and a BA in Studio Art, Medina came to us looking for a way to market and promote her business and build her brand image.

Custom Flash Drives for Photographers

High Impact Custom Flash Drives for Photographers - Starting at $1.99ea

Additionally, like many other photographers, she has seen a declining client interest in CDs and DVDs as many of today’s Macs, iPads, PC desktops and laptops no longer have CD and DVD players — but they all have USB ports. So the USB flash drive is fast becoming the best — maybe only — way to provide customers with their photos on the go. Another option is to use cloud computing services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and others. But not all customers are willing to pay for a monthly subscription just to get their photos. Also, the recent nude celeb photo scare has people concerned about privacy.

Custom Flash Drives for Photographers

Why These Flash Drives Are A Good Choice For Photographers?

The added advantages of the customized flash drives for photographers is their branding and sales appeal. Photographers can use these USB drive to increase brand awareness and grow sales in less time and with less effort. Here’s how:

  • Flash drive prices have fallen, making them affordable for all budgets.
  • Mobile device flash drives called OTG USBs are one of fastest growing areas.
  • It has been shown that over 70 percent of people who receive a promotional product will buy from that vendor. So use the flash drives as give-away items to prospects.
  • Research has found that people who get custom branded flash drives use them for months or even years in the future and share the flash drive and show the flash drive to many other people over that time period. This increases the brand awareness of your organization or yourself, depending on what is branded on the flash drives for photographers.
  • A custom branded flash drive with photos of your clients loaded on it, becomes a value added product. You literally now have a product to sell in addition to your photography services. What can be done is only limited by your imagination. Load your marketing and sales information on the USB, imprint the flash drive with your contact details like website, telephone, email address.
  • Copying client photos to a branded flash drive can be done in a few seconds or a minute depending on the number of photos. On the other hand, burning CDs and DVDs can take dozens of minutes and up to nearly an hour depending on the speed of your equipment — and nearly no one uses CDs and DVDs anymore
  • Have clients return with their old flash drives for their next photo shoot and provide them a discount. This discount keeps them coming back for repeat business as well as lowers your cost — you already have device on which to copy additional photos.
  • Purchase affordable custom branded mobile device flash drives for customers who prefer to use their Android mobile devices, cell phones, iPhones, iPads, etc.

Recommendation for Photographers

We suggest all photographers to use on the go flash drives because of their increasing demand. Your customers can’t throw them away. The Old School way of trying to sell photos by burning them on CDs or DVDs wastes lots of your time and is quite costly; in today’s mobile OTG (on the go) world in which we live, people want a small device like a thumb drive that they can plug into their mobile device and quickly and easily show to friend and families wherever the are; promotional products get used over and over again and help to get you referral business and increase your brand awareness.
We have had the great pleasure of working with dozens of photographers and appreciate their continued use of our products and services. We hope these few tips can help you grow your business and increase client sales and happiness.

Lowest Cost Custom Flash Drives for Photographers, Quality Guaranteed!

Our most popular low-cost, promotional USB. Swivel flash drives with your logo, text or artwork. Great for promos, events, trade shows, conventions, Back to School (K-12, colleges, universities).

Black case silver clip is our Promotional Branded Flash Drive. Durable, mobile and easy to customize. Our most popular capacities, 512MB and 4GB swivels — SHIPS 24 HR TO 6 DAYS. Low capacity, grade A quality flash drives starting at $1.49 each (64MB).

Connect your flash drive to Android cell phones, tablets, mobile devices. Add logo, text, artwork. Unique, personalized promo gift! Save on costly monthly data plans.

Replace those boring old business cards with colorful, attention-grabbing, ultra-thin credit card USBs. Custom business card flash drives with your logo, photo and contact details. Used by actors, executives, entrepreneurs.

Classic or Contour flash drives come in metal as well as plastic body. They are a good promo product and are one of the hottest selling promo flash drives. They have a decent imprint area for logo, artwork, text, photo. Ships 24 hours to 6 days, extra time needed for bulk orders. Low cost, high quality flash drives at $1.59 ea.

Design your own metal flash drive (aluminum and stainless steel) in any shape you want like keys, bottle openers etc. Key flash drives are hottest selling metal flash drives. Ships 24 hours to 6-10 days, depending on order.

We have made complete custom flash drive designs for Philips Norelco, Starbucks, Best Foods, Cisco and others. We can make custom shapes or highly customized 2D and 3D flash drives. These USBs takes 10 days to 30 days depending on design complexity and mold manufacturing.

We provide customized Eco friendly flash drives. These flash drives are used by SMB’s and organizations for promo use. Demand for Eco friendly flash drives is growing. They are low cost flash drives with 24 hours – 6 days shipping time.

We provide swivel and custom shaped wooden flash drives. Wooden Bamboo flash drives are our hottest selling. Order these to brand your business, starting at $1.99 each.