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Zoho Zia

Zoho ZIA - AI Powered Sales Assistant

Zoho ZIA (Zoho Intelligent Assistant) is an AI-powered sales assistant that will help you grow your sales in the new era of artificial intelligence. Zoho Zia, Salesforce Einstein and other CRM (customer relationship management and saleforce automation) providers are upgrading their systems with a special type of AI, called machine learning. Machine learning can help startups, small businesses, mid-sized (SMEs) companies and large corporations score their sales leads in order to focus first on the highest probability sales opportunities.

Zoho Zia helps you stay on top of all of your marketing and sales activities by providing you with business solutions and predictions. Zoho Zia learns not only what you input into the CRM system but it examines these patterns. As your sales people interact with the CRM application, Zoho Zia observes these sales activities in order to identify patterns that result in top sales. Based on the activities that seem to result in the most closed sales, Zoho Zia will score each lead with a lower or higher chance of closing.

Le’s look at an example. At CustomBulkUSB, our top sales people know that there are a handful of key activities early in the sales cycle that lead to the most closed deals. Those vital activities can be identified by how prospective clients complete our online webform. We have found these webform fields are vital to closing sales:

  • Did client upload logo?
  • Did client leave a business email address?
  • Did client provide telephone number?
  • Did client provide comment (key words indicating high propensity to purchase are examined in the comments section)
  • Did client select a certain quantity of flash drives?
  • Did client select a certain capacity for the flash drives?

The results of our findings were quite amazing. We now have a lead score field within our Zoho CRM Zia system provide a ranking of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest likelihood for that sales lead to become a client. We are also working on what data scientists call an anomaly detection algorithm to identify potential credit card fraud.

Much like what we did with the lead scoring approach mentioned earlier, we are now examining how our top sales professionals are able to identify potential fraudulent activity. Leveraging the sales person’s knowledge, we will develop an Zoho Zia algorithm to detect likely credit card fraud. We will be posting more on this topic at this page later this month.

Finally, pricing for Zoho Zia is very affordable, ranging from $12 to $100 (USD), depending on whether or not you want basic, enterprise or premium or ultimate versions.

Zoho Zia CRM for Marketing, Sales, Salesforce:

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