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Getting Started with WordPress? Beginner's Guide for WordPress

In past four years we went from a net objects website to WordPress and increased our revenue hundreds and thousands of dollars. For this reason the popularity of WordPress has grown X%. WordPress was released on May 27, 2003. It is an open source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Its features include plugins and template system.

WordPress is a user friendly CMS. We have used html website in start, it was really difficult to add features to html website even a single edit means that we have to go to hosting, found specific page, edit the html page and then found the line that we need to change. It was very difficult, time consuming and only developer can do the change. With the popularity of WordPress, we tried it on a test bases at our one domain. We founded its backed really easy and the plugin features make it adding any function to it really easy. We have shifted to WordPress and the results were amazing.

Editing became really easy, and adding new content became super easy. Every team member can go at back end and edit pages, add new content and simply publish it.

WordPress Themes

WordPress has a template based system. You can search different WordPress themes and based on look and functionality you can install theme of your own choice., and enjoy all feature you need without hiring a developer to code those features for you.

We have found Envision theme to be the best for our website. It has theme builder that made editing really easier at back end and contains all basic features within the them. There are different themes available, choose the best that fits for your business. Divi is another good WordPress theme we recommend. We are using Divi theme for our personal and other websites. Divi theme has divi builder which makes it even more easier to build website with front end visual editor.

Theses themes are responsive, that means your website adjusts its self according to screen size i.e desktop, laptop, tablets and phones.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugin system makes it different from everything. You can install plugins for every feature you need and customize them according to your needs. I still remember i have to edit html pages and in the meta section i have to add meta description and a bunch of keywords related to that page. But with WordPress life became really easier, we simply installed an SEO plugin and it guided. We have tried different plugins for SEO, but we found Yoast SEO for WordPress to be the best of all.

Similarly we have used different plugins to secure our website, adding features like ecommerce, analytics, contact forms, social media auto posting, integrating our website with different platforms like Zoho, PayPal, etc and much more. We will talk about the most important and basic plugins we founded really useful and that helped us grow..

Why we recommend WordPress?

1. WordPress Is Free
2. WordPress Is Easy to Use (Tutorials)
3. Create Any Website With WordPress (Blogs, Ecommerce, Membership, Video, Quiz based)
4. WordPress Is SEO Friendly (99% according to Google)
5. WordPress is Extendable by Using Plugins
6. WordPress Is Easy To Customize (Dashboard or Coding)
7. Massive Community Helps In Troubleshooting
8. WordPress Is Secure Enough
9. WordPress Supports Different Multimedia
10. Integrates easily with any service/application
11. Its getting better and better – WordPress is improving day by day to enhance its user friendly interface and features. WordPress keeps releasing new versions and updates to enhances its system.

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