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Unique Holiday Gift – Personalized Cheap Custom Flash Drives Capture Memories

Unique Holiday Gift – Personalized, Cheap Custom Flash Drives Capture Memories


Unique Holiday Gift Item – Custom USB Flash Drives Can Be Personalized as Holiday Gift Card, Photo Album, Music Album of Favorites, Selfie USB Drive, Much More!

Everyone needs flash drives!  And today you can buy personalized, custom flash drives that are cheap and of high quality to capture memories and show loved ones how much you care.   Computer desktops and PCs, Macs no longer use CDs or DVDs and most people are buying cell phones, tablets and phablets to replace their computers.  And all of these devices use USB flash drives.

 Free Quote or More Information at:   info@CustomBulkUSB.com;  888-484-7771

Your friends and family want and need flash drives for many reasons:

  • Costly Data Plans.  They are looking for ways to cut the cost of expensive monthly cell phone data plans;
  • Lots of Photos, Videos, Files.   They need more data for all of their photos and videos but won’t fit on their phone or tablet;
  • Privacy and Security from Online Hackers.  They want too keep private and confidential files, photos and videos secure and away from online hackers;
  • Memorable, Personalized.  They would love a pic of their own name and photo or that of a pet, family, friends, etc.

Try the hot selling, Custom Card USB, with full color photos, starting as low as $1.99 each

 2GB Credit Card Flash Drive with Selfie Image or Photo






Consider low cost Swivel Flash Drives customized with name, photo, artwork or text:





Or the Android Mobile Device / Cell Phone USB flash drives — personalize it!


2 in 1 Flash Drive for Mobile & PC

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