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Phygital Flash Drives – The Tale of the Trail

Author Jim Jordan Partners with Indiegogo, CustomBulkUSB for New Book : Phygital Flash Drives – The Tale of the Trail

The Tale of the Trail

Growing Trend: Books On “Phygital Flash Drives” Reach More Readers  at Less Cost to Readers & Authors

Jim Jordan has just released his seventh book, The Tale of the Trail, on our 8GB phygital flash drives through the Indiegogo crowdsourcing platform. The Tale of the Trail is a 250+ page, engaging and interactive experience documenting more than 10 years of globe-trotting around the world with over a thousand photographs and 80,000 words.

The Tale of the Trail is filled with great stories, jaw-dropping visuals such as colorful, panoramic shots of amazing sites from around the world and links to elsewhere like artist sites, and referenced points in and around the book. Author, Jordan, puts it best when he says that the book is “created from my various blogs, musings and photography through the years.”


Excerpt from Jordan’s The Tale of the Trail


Jim Jordan’s story is a unique one. He has been traveling as a teacher and a singer, a writer and a student of life, crossing the US back and forth and has lived on and off in Asia since 2007, currently residing in southern China. He is traveling back to the US this July for the release of this book which will be available both online and from locations in Seattle and the New York area as he tours the country.

You can either get our customized USB’s or even a truly rare and beautiful, full-gloss hard back print copy at his Indegogo campaign website for a limited time.








In addition to Jim’s project and personal story, CustomBulkUSB is working with a growing number of established and first-time authors who are putting their books on USB flash drives, creating “phygital” products.

The flash drive styles for authors range from custom 2D or 3D book-shaped PVC USB drives to traditional swivel thumb drives. Leading the growth trend are thin, credit card flash drives with the book cover title imprinted on them as well as OTG USBs – mobile device / phone flash drives that permit readers to read books on the go (OTG) from their smartphone, phablet or tablet when unablet to connect to cell tower or WIFI.

FMS Vampire Series books on card-shaped flash drives


Our book-producing clients range from the Christian Authors Network to the FMS Vampire Series books by authors M. & P. Mattern.



Multiple authors on CAN-branded swivel flash drive

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