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iPhone Security Hack Drive Mobile USB Sales

iphone security hack

iphone security hack drives mobile usb sales

iPhone Security Hack Drives Purchase of USB Flash Drives for On the Go (OTG)

Tomorrow, September 11, 2014, Apple is expected to release two versions of the iPhone 6 and a smartwatch.  This could mark an inflection point in mobile technology and become a gamechanger for Apple.  The USB flash drive will play a key role during this transition due to the recent iPhone Security Hack that accessed user accounts and stole nude celebrity photos.  Keep safe by using strong passwords, considering a password generator app, enable dual authentication security check and keep private files on secure flash drives in a lockbox.

But alas, there’s more to all of this than iPhone security hacks and nudies.  The world is about to change in a big way.  Here’s how we see it based on recent expert surveys from IDC, our own website visitor traffic and large data volumes of millions of searches pulled from Google Analytics and Google Trends.   Key take-aways include:

  • The USB flash drive along with Smartphones (iPhone and Android) and wearable tech gadgets like smartwatches will set the pace for the roll-out of what has been coined, the Internet of Things (IoT)or the Internet of Everything (IoE)
  • Hybrid hardware mergers of tablets with smartphones and laptops are creating “Phablets” (large cell phones, nearly the size of tablets) and “Tab-Tops” (combo tablet and laptop — size of tablet with the power of a laptop)
  • Privacy concerns from the latest hacked celebrity nude photos on iCloud, will lead to people being smart about keeping sensitive data out of the cloud on “terra firma” secure USB flash drives.
  • Concerns about the high cost of monthly data plans, will result in the purchase of more mobile device flash drives, that connect to both a desktop and a mobile device.  This will not only keep private info private, but also allow customers to save more data at a fraction of the cost of expensive cell phone plans.
  • The most successful smartwatches will be the ones that are fashionable looking and make US smarter:  simple calculator, simple speller, simple calendar, simple location/compass/directions.  Some of the health and fitness will do well but not for large masses.  Our research in the fitness industry has shown that no more than 16% of American stick with any health/fitness plan.  But research indicates that patients improve adherence to health plans and consumers stick with fitness plans when prompted by doctors and coaches via text.  The new fitness tracking devices offer the opportunity to do just that on a wider scale than ever before.

Don’t become a victim of the iPhone security hack attack….whether you are on iPhone, iPad or an Adroid mobile device, practice safe computing and consider buying mobile phone flash drives to protect your sensitive information from hackers.


Click Chart Below to Enlarge:  Google Trends Analysis of Interest in iPhone6, Smartwatch and Cell Phones








Click Chart Below to Enlarge:  Google Trends Analysis of Interest in Internet of Things, Wearables, Smartwatch


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