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Flash Drives For Sale To Manufacturers In The Age Of Machine Intelligence

Flash Drives For Sale To Manufacturers In The Age Of Machine Intelligence

Flash drives can be used by manufacturers to help their businesses improve their machine intelligence to complete in global industry

by Harvey Brown, Custom Bulk USB Data Scientist

The manufacturing industry has undergone very drastic changes transformed by technology into automated processes.  Manufacturing jobs are not disappearing due to globalization; the jobs are being. transformed to meet the needs of the suppliers in the new economy: other manufacturers.  Flash drives can go a long way to help manufacturers with this transition.

Flash drives with manufacturing, industry, and technology

Hyundai Car Assembly Line-Wikimedia Commons

A recent visit to the White House by several heads of three of the largest German manufacturers emphasized a need for change.  The German leaders emphasized the importance of a new training model that will help to maintain some of the manufacturing jobs.

I have listed 3 ways for manufacturers to take advantage of machine intelligence to stay in business:

1. The easiest way to load power point presentation

Prepare your power point presentation so that you can present to manufacturers overseas about producing parts for them.  A flash drive is the most reliable way to make sure your full presentation is there we you need to access it.

2. Your data isn’t to be read by anyone else.

This is critical especially if you’re dealing with regulatory agencies. If the privacy of your consumers is violated, you can millions and fines and face prison. Also the bad publicity will be disastrous for your business and clients alike.

3. In manufacturing industry, time is everything: use machine intelligence.

You’re in the factory early in the morning, you have things to do.  A flash drive is a great way to market your logo with the company.  You can also load your data on their for daily reports, audits, budgets, etc. It is also a good way to feed your machines data so that the machine intelligence can be used to improve your processes.


Check out this video from our sister site, Analytics AI ML:

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