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Custom USB Flash Drives for Southeast USA

Custom USB Flash Drives for Southeast USA - High Quality & Low Cost

Custom USB flash drives for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Only Grade A Quality. Low Cost. We’ve provided promo marketing flash drives and industrial strength SD cards and thumb drives hi-tech start-ups, SMEs and fortune 500 enterprises. We first seek to understand your needs, then work within your budget and timeline. We are located in Tampa, Florida, Southeast USA.

Custom USB Flash Drives Southeast USA

Highest Quality Custom Flash Drives for Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, DC, Florida, Georgia, Texas, North Carolina and South Carolina

Custom USB flash drives for Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, SC, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Video: How Clients Use our Promotional Flash Drives

Our Southeastern Roots

CustomBulkUSB is a Southeast based company located in Tampa, Florida. Our founder is a former military officer who first worked on communications and computer systems as an enlisted Airman then received a Presidential Appointment to the US Air Force Academy. Our company is always looking at ways to support our men and women in uniform and salute them for their service to our country.

We only provide the top quality Grade A, Tier 1 flash memory used by companies such as Apple and Samsung. Our promise to you is to provide you the lowest price, high quality flash drives and SD cards on the market.

Clients constantly remind us that we have the best prices on the market for high quality flash drives and SD cards.

We remain committed to providing small and medium sized businesses, hi-tech startups and enterprise clients with the finest quality customized flash drives to benefit their business and brand. Our California-based office is located in Sacramento and run by Naraya and Trudy. These ladies look forward to serving all of your USB branding and storage needs. Naraya’s background in customer service and Six Sigma quality serves as a strong advocate for the voice of the customer (VOC), and drives all of our key management decisions.

How Your Company Will Benefit

Whether you are a new startup or an established enterprise you will benefit by promoting your organization with our high quality custom USB flash drives (printed with your logo, text, artwork).

Promotional marketing in one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness. By spreading USB flash drives bearing a logo or message of your business, prospects and clients become aware of your company and recall you when the time comes for you to fulfill their needs. Data is exploding and data storage is becoming very expensive if you pay for cell phone plans – flash drives and SD cards and low cost ways to store gigabytes (loads!) of data at a very low price: $1.50 to $4.00, in most cases.

Here’s how many of our clients use our flash drives and SD cards that work on Macs, PC desktops, smartphones and all mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung, etc.):

  • Rugged swivel thumb-drives with logo to brand your business at conferences,
    conventions, other events
  • Flash drives and SD cards to store marketing material, sales contracts, product catalogs, engineering drawings, videos, photos, large files
  • Another great device is our custom mobile flash drives and micro SD cards for drones, GoPro cameras, mobile devices and mobile apps — providing clients with offline options when unable to connect to the Internet.

Our USB flash drives are affordable (USB 2.0) or speedy with lightning fast access (USB 3.0). They come in all shapes, colors and materials to meet any need, to include 2D and 3D shapes made of PC material.

Our company has provided marketing and sales services to not only start-ups but small and medium sized businesses and major corporations. Our clientele is based here in the the Southeast USA but stretches as far as Europe, Asia, Middle East/Africa and Latin America. We work according to your budget, timeline and specific needs.

For any questions and orders, contact us at:

Email: or

Tel: 813-444-9626

We wish you all continued success!

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