Custom USB Flash Drives in New Jersey

Delivering Custom USB Flash Drives in New Jersey to our loyal clients has been one of our greatest joys

Before launching CustomBulkUSB, two of our company founders spent lots of time flying between New Jersey and Florida working with healthcare clients in the life sciences industry:  big pharma, medical devices and biologics.  As a result of this 20 year experience working with New Jersey organizations, we developed a following and devoted ourselves to servicing The Garden State with custom flash drives.

Custom Flash Drives Lift Skills and Pay for United Association of New Jersey Apprentices

UANJ is one of our most important customers and provides us all with a wonderful example of the importance of investing in the American worker.

UANJ uses our custom branded USB flash drives to provide apprentices with the knowledge, attitude and skills for high paying jobs now and in the future.  Leveraging our 8Gb and 16GB capacity custom flash drives, UANJ provides each of its students with a multi-year, digital training package.  Upon graduation, the apprentice departs with digital training and reference material loaded onto these USB drives to broaden their personal development and career growth opportunities.

Jersey Shore Photo Booths Predicts Future by Creating it with Custom Flash Drives for Clients

Jersey Shore Photo Booth Sees Futue: Custom Flash Drives

Jersey Shore Photo Booth Sees Futue: Custom Flash Drives

New Jersey’s Jersey Shore Photo Booths is leading a small-scale tech revolution with custom photo shoots that are tech-enabled via personalized flash drives.   Clients get great photos, wonderful customer service and memories saved on customized USB flash drives.  This not only provides Jersey Photo Booths’ clients with a mobile way to access digital images without clogging up their cell phones, but also expands the brand awareness of Jersey Photo Booths.

These are just two examples of how our New Jersey customers are expanding their service and brand awareness to grow market-share and sales, aided by promotional, custom flash drives.