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Custom USB Flash Drives in California

Custom USB Flash Drives in California

Custom Bulk USB now offers Custom USB Flash Drives in California, to promote your business, organization or yourself within your budget.  Trudy heads up our Sacramento office to service the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles metro and San Diego area markets.

We have been serving the online marketing and promotional products industry for more than a decade and have become one of the industry’s best whole sellers of high quality, affordable custom USB flash drives within US.


Our founders have their roots in Silicon Valley near Stanford University in Palo Alto and so we understand the power of industrial and promotional marketing flash drives to service California business and industry in many unique ways:

  • our mobile phone flash drives (iOS and Android) can provide mobile apps with an offline option for our hi tech California software developers
  • our small, lightweight industrial flash drives and SD cards can store data for IoT (internet of things) products like drones, GoPro and other photo and video cameras and robots being offered by San Francisco Bay Area hi tech startups
  • flash drives to support San Diego and Silicon Valley wearable devices and quantitative self products such as mobile apps for health and fitness tracking and monitoring

We remain committed to develop the finest custom USB flash drive in California to promote your business and brand.  Our California office located in Sacramento is led by Trudy D.  She looks forward to serving you.

Custom USB Flash Drives in California

Promote your business with custom USB flash drives in California, including San Francisco, Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and San Diego

Distribute custom USB flash drives bearing a logo or message of your brand or business, among your friends, family, business partners, clients, employees and at conferences and other marketing events.  They will help promote an image of quality, tech savviness and keep your product, service and brand name  top of mind in the marketplace, helping you generate more sales.

We provide the most affordable high quality promotional and industrial flash drives and SD cards in the USA with hands on support and personalized service.  We have become one of the best sources of custom USB flash drives in North America and strive to always improve by anticipating our clients’ needs.

We also provide 3.0 standard of USB flash drives which are popular because of their superior read / write speeds — making them lightning fast to upload and download your favorite photos, videos or other files.  Our range of USB flash drives offer you extra space to present complete color graphics.  Additionally, we can provide 2D and 3D custom shaped flash drives in unique shapes like autos, ice cream cones, animals, beverage containers and much more. Some of the materials that we use for custom USB flash drives are  made of leather, metal, plastic, PVC, rubber, rubberized plastic, wood, aluminum and a mix of multiple materials depending on our clients’ needs.

Why Us?

We have provided marketing and sales services to major corporations, startups and small and medium sized businesses in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Middle East / Africa and Latin America for a decade. We have worked with all clients from major brands to small businesses. We heard most from small businesses that they do not have large purchasing power of multinational corporations and and they can’t afford to pay the high prices of a local retailer. Besides that, they told us that since promo flash drives are often give a way products, they don’t want to pay high prices for them.

So, we only give our customers what they can easily afford. We have flash drives in different sizes for all budgets. Get a free quote. If you have a rush order, inquire at Info@CustomBulkUSB.com or call us direct at 813-444-9626.


Updated on 08 March 2017:

We would also like to emphasize the importance of having pride in your government.  I would also like to reference the Sacramento metropolitan area.  This city is home to California’s state government entities as well as several major health care companies such  as Kaiser Permanente. Flash drives have been and continue to be used as an integral part of a great branding and marketing campaign.  Flash drives are also a way to keep data safe in an age where a lot of information is connected.

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