Custom Flash Drives in New York

Custom flash drives in New York are purchased by our “Big Apple” and “Empire State” clients for many purposes


New York Custom Flash Drive

NY Non Profit:  NYSAEIP Custom Flash Drive


New York actors, musicians, photographers, writers, hi tech entrepreneurs, small and mid sized businesses (SMEs) and major corporations have all reached out to us to create custom print and custom shaped USB flash drives for different promo events and functions:

  • New York and New Jersey area writer, Jim Jordan, released his colorful newest book, Tale of the Trail on a custom flash drive (8gb).  The book chronicles his travels around the world with amazing photo shots and amazing stories.
  • A major non-profit organization, the New York State Association of Incarcerated Education Programs (NYSAIEP), allowed us to create a custom business card USB flash drive for their important promotional event
  • Brooklyn New York based musician, TR3Y DEUCE released his latest music tracks on a two sided custom printed album card USB drive.  The front of the music USB drive was imprinted with a high quality photo of the artist with a NY background while the back of the cover provided all contact details, to include SoundTrack and Twitter handles and the artist’s telephone number and email address.