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2GB USB Flash Drive at 1GB Price

2GB USB Flash Drive at 1GB Price; 128M Low, $1.99: Call Today – (813) 444-9626

2GB USB Flash Drive: Custom Branded Flash Drives Make Great Promo Item, Corporate Promotional Gifts or Personal Holiday Surprises – USA Based Quality Service

2GB USB Flash Drive

2gb usb flash drive holiday gift

Grab Attention!   2GB USB flash drives are great holiday gifts for family, friends and  business contacts.  The 2GB USB flash drives can be personalized to promote yourself or your brand while at the same time serving as a great and unique holiday gift item that people value.  As we are all using more and more data with our computers, tablets and cell phones/ smartphones, we are in need of more capacity to hold all of our videos, music, photos, documents and other files.  The 2GB flash drive can hold quite a bit of data but it is not too expensive to give away as a promotional gift or personal gift this holiday season.

For a custom flash drive justcall Don(813-444-9626) send us your request along with your logo, Selfie, photo, artwork or text and we will provide you with a FREE sample today.  You can also just email us your contact details and artwork to info@CustomBulkUSB.com or call Don now at 813-444-9626.

Here is how many of our customers are using our high quality, low cost 2GB USB flash drives:

  • Marketing Events for Small Biz and Corporations
  • Replace Holiday/Gift Cards.  Give family and friends a unique holiday gift item by providing family photo on flash drive and loading photos, music, video of the year on the flash drive
  • Music Album Gift.  Load favorite music and videos of person you are sending 2GB USB flash drive gift to.  This will show how much you were thinking of them.
  • Promo Gift Item for Your Customers.  Use flash drive as a free give-away item to get repeat and referral business from your current customers — or attract new customer with a FREE trial.  You can load your product catalog, marketing and sales brochures onto the flash drive.
  • Job Search.  Use the custom branded flash drive during job interviews – our slim business card USB is perfect!  Grabs attention, shows that you can think outside of the box in a creative and innovative way.
  • Musicians, Models, Actors, Entertainers.  Use the 2GB USB flash drive to land new gigs.
  • Public Speakers.  Many public speaking professionals make back of the room product sales with their videos, speeches, interviews and printed material loaded onto the 2GB USB flash drive
  • Photographers and Videographers Convert CDs and DVDs to USBs.  many of our customers are converting from CDs and DVDs to 2GB USB flash drives and loading client photos and videos onto them.
  • CPAs, Attorneys and Law / Consulting Firms.  Financial, legal and tech / consulting data can be loaded on the 2GB USB flash drive and either packaged as a value added info product or given as w promo gift item and used to get more leads and close more sales.

Call Don today to get you quality, affordable 2Gb USB flash drives to impress the important people and companies in your life.  813-444-9626, info@CustomBulkUSB.com or request free quote online.

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