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10 Great Tech Gifts Under $50 by PCMag.com

Cheap Custom USB Flash Drives – 10 Great Tech Gifts for 2014

As mobile devices replace computers, demand for “on the go” cheap custom USB flash drives is growing


Cheap Custom USB Flash Drives at less than $50 are among the top 10 tech gifts, according to PCMag.com.  This flash drive can connect to both your desktop and most Android devices.  You can see the exact model of the PCMag.com suggested OTG flash drive here.

You can also get high quality, cheap custom USB flash drives for as little as $1.99 each when you purchase at least 150 units this holiday season on CustomBulkUSB.com.

As more Americans and other consumers around the world replace desktop computers with on the go (OTG) mobile devices like tablets, iPads, iPhones and other smartphones, the demand for an OTG cheap custom USB flash drive is growing in importance.  Consumers need to store and share more data as they increase their use of health and fitness data from trackers like FitBit, and more data space is taken up by mobile apps, videos, photos, music, social media and other personal and business files.  Flash drives also help people to lower the cost of their price of their expensive monthly telecom data plans.

Today, you can find OTG flash drives in limitless colors, shapes and storage capacities.  You can get duo USBs that connect to a desktop and Android devices.  There are other iFlash USB drives that connect to desktops and all Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, iPod.  This allows you to move data quickly and easily among all of your systems.



There are also OTG credit card or business card, wafer thin USB drives that connect to PCs and Android devices (see example photo on the left).  This OTG card USB can be personalized to become a cheap custom USB flash drive with your own logo, photo, selfie, artwork imprinted on it.  These flash drives range from small capacity 128MB USBs to 32GB and 64GB drives, with more data storage larger than some computers and tablets.

The old classic thumb drive, also called the swivel or rotate flash drive can also be customized, making it a great gift item or as a promo item to brand yourself or your organization — and get sales.

For more info, reach info@CustomBulkUSB.com or call 888-484-7771.


Holiday Tech Gift – Cheap Custom USB Flash Drives – Video





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